How Can Agrigold Mushroom Help Your Allergies?

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Agarigold H1X1 Mushroom Product

The Waiora Agrigold with H1X1product has been a part of my daily routine for about a year and a half now and I have to say the product has been a major help to my summer time allergies and colds in general.

I take 10 drops with Waiora’s liquid vitamin EDN, each morning. The way in which the product seems to help you is really quite subtle. Suddenly you find yourself not getting colds and allergies. I have not had one in over a year and a half.  In my case the most noticeable benefit from the product is relief from summer time allergies.

If I have a flair up, which usually happens while cutting the 10 acres of grass I have on my property, I just come in for a second and take an additional 5 to 10 drops. Within 20 minutes any allergy related itchy, redness of the eyes or stuffed up nose is history.

From when I was a child,  up to the time I started taking the Agrigold with H1X1, I always had to take all sorts of antihistamines during the summer months to get some relief from allergies.  The side effects from these unnatural, man-made products, was always a down side to their benefits. Not any more.  The Agrigold with H1X1 is an all natural product that totally reinforces your immune system and makes life a whole lot easier for this one time summer time allergy and cold sufferer.

Denis Foley

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