Beware of the Powered Zeolites on the Market!

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Beware of powdered Zeolites! Zeolite is a natural mineral that needs to be mined just like any other mineral on this earth. Zeolite is ground up during the mining process, and since it is a naturally negatively charged mineral, it bonds with heavy metals, toxins, and harmful substances in nature which are positively charged. That is what it’s supposed to do.

This powered zeolite is not micronized. This means that it is not ground small enough to be absorbed on a cellular level. It may go through your digestive system, but trust me, you have toxins on a cellular level every where in your body. Our liquid zeolite is all less than 5 microns in size, which means it can be absorbed into all the cells in your body and then capture and remove the toxins safely and painlessly.

Zeolite is like a sponge attracting water. When the sponge is full of water, it can’t absorb any more water and the water it has absorbed might not be good to use anymore. It’s full of contaminated water.

If the Zeolite structure is not properly cleaned, it can’t absorb any more metals, toxins and harmful elements. So, you can potentially be ingesting even more of these toxins into your body with the powered zeolite. That is not what you want!

Our liquid zeolite is the only pure, cleansed, micronized and activated Liquid Zeolite in the world! Don’t you need to detox with zeolite today?

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“The Truth About Zeolite” Now Available

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This brand new FREE Report was just released. At this time it is FREE to anyone who clicks on it, so don’t delay. This Zeolite Reference Book will answer all your questions about how Zeolite works to improve your health.

WAIORA REP: If you would like a branded copy of this book with your name, email and phone to use as a tool to help promote Waiora’s powerful Liquid Zeolite , please call or email us. Our info is in the book and we’re here to help.

Aging Healthy – Start Now

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Long before we feel old it is important to take steps to slow the aging process. Even though we can’t stop the aging process, we can take steps to determine how we age. Even in our 20′s, vital hormones begin to decline, sun damage starts to take it’s toll on our skin, and believe it or not our memory starts to decline.

One of the villains our bodies must fight off is: Oxidative Stress , one of the main causes of our aging process. Read more

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot?

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Do you really NEED a flu shot?

Each year the public is bombarded with the importance of getting their flu shot. The combination of the medical establishment, the media, and the government, are all telling you there is a possible flu epidemic just around the corner. They also tell you that the Flu will probably be worse this year then last.

Just drive down the street and you will see many shopping centers with signs out saying: Flu shots available here . A few weeks ago I was visiting in the Washington D.C. area and caught on a local T.V. broadcast where a local Maryland fair ground was going to have Drive-Thru Flu Shots ! Amazing! Read more

Chiropractor Talks – Detoxing Metals With Waiora NCD

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Dr. Dave Peltier tells how his daughter, Mishea, was completely cured of heavy metal poisoning with Waiora’s NCD or Natural Cellular Defense and by supplementing with EDN, Waiora’s liquid vitamin.

After hearing about the possibilities with these two products, Dr Peltier eagerly tried to get his daughter help from toxic poisoning that was sapping her health.
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Fighting “Glucose Toxicity” with Liquid Zeolite

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by Denis Foley

If only we’d known about  Liquid Zeolite

My mother had type 2 diabetes for the last 12 years of her life. With my father gone, she lived alone with her health on the decline. She moved in with my wife and myself during her last 5 years of life, and we took on the job of caregiver, something she had done for me when I was very young.

One of my favorite stories of her declining health, set against our country’s wonderful health care system, is the gortex artery one. As I mentioned, with her declining health because of diabetes, her circulation in her legs and hands was always an issue.

During a visit to the vascular surgeon , which her regular doctor had her go to on a 6 month basis to see how things were doing, we were informed that she had about 10% circulation going down to her right foot. The vascular surgeon told us that an operation could be done to implant a gortex artery down her leg from her femoral artery to her foot to help the circulation.

With her being 79 years old at the time and on medicare, we checked with them to see what they would cover with such an opration.

I will NEVER forget their answer: "We will only cover amputation and rehabilitation!"

(Cutting a 79 year old, very fragile person’s leg off and then rehabilitating them???)

Fortunately my mother had a supplemental insurance that was able to take care of the operation, but I always remember that situation and wonder if liquid Zeolite would have been available during this time period, could my mother have been spared some of her suffering?

and let me explain how…

With it’s detoxifying abilities, Liquid Zeolite is able to reduce the glucose levels in the blood . Even though glucose is not considered a toxin, high levels of glucose can be VERY toxic to the body with some very bad results.

The constant oxidative stress that is brought on by the body having to transport high glucose levels makes the job of transporting oxygen-rich blood very difficult. This condition is known as "glucose toxicity".

With this condition the vascular system becomes inflamed and rigid. As the tiny capillaries found at the extremities become inflamed, total loss of circulation can occur , resulting in amputation potentially being necessary.

With time, the elevated glucose produces "advanced glycation end" (or AGE) products, which inhibit protein function. These AGE products contribute to atherosclerosis, hypertension, kidney impairment, heart attack and stroke, explaining why diabetics have associated highter risk of cardiovascular disease .

By helping to stabilize glucose levels and minimizing its out of control damaging effects to the blood stream, Zeolites can then reduce some of the risk or severity of ailments related to diabetes.

I wish Mom could have tried Liquid Zeolite . I miss her.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Activated Zeolite

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There have been some amazing results behind the use of activated liquid Zeolites by Waiora, but I thought I would list the top 10 reasons for YOU to start using it today.

  • It has been shown to safely and effectly remove toxic heavy methods such as Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic and Lead from the human body. Each of these heavy metals has devastating and long lasting results inside the body .
  • Research has shown that zeolites may have an antiviral effect because it tends to trap viral particles within it’s porous cell structure and remove them from the body before a process known as *viral assembly * can take place.
  • It’s a safe, natural preventative, and lowers risk of cold and flu infections
  • Zeolites has also been shown to help balance pH levels in the body which creates a healthy environment where virus and bacteria are unlikely to be able to survive.
  • Activated liquid Zeolites has the ability to trap excess protons in the digestive tract , helping to lower the risk of acid reflex.
  • Zeolites have also been shown to improve nutrient absorption in the digestive tract allowing for better results from other supplements you may be taking.
  • Many people use activated zeolite because of its effect on the immune system . It tends to support a healthy immune system by removing toxins and chemicals from the body that block it from performing correctly.
  • Activated Zeolite tends to trap allergens from the blood stream and digestive tract , before the body can react to them, thus reducing symptoms from various food and environmental allergies.
  • Because of its absorptive effects in the digestive system, activated zeolite has the tendency to stop diarrhea.
  • It has also been found to liquid zeolite provides amazing results in the treatment of many life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

We have collected testimonials from doctor’s, customers and parents desperate to find help for their autistic children. These results should speak for themselves. Check out the Testimonials in the sidebar to see what our happy customers are saying about their results.

Autistic Children Getting Help With Liquid Zeolite

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"There have been two major transforming events in my professional career. One is when I decided to change to homeopathy and that was in 1992 and I discovered a whole new world of healing. And I would have to say the same event occurred in late 2005 when I was introduced to liquid activated zeolite with my partner’s (Elizabeth Webb) mother’s story. One of my primary focuses in my practice is helping autistic children and children who are developmentally impaired and that is primarily a disease of toxicity.

Read more

“By Far The Biggest Breakthrough I Have Seen”

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“I’ve been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 28 years. I’m board certified in Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture and my focus for the last 28 years has been on clinical nutrition and preventive health.

In my 30 years of using extensive nutrition, Waiora’s Zeolite is by far the biggest breakthrough that I have seen. It offers a safety and efficacy that we just don’t see with other products and it actually helps all other products work better.

We’ve had a number of people that have had hay fever and allergy symptoms to chronic sinus issues that have had remarkable changes.
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Zeolite is Detoxing the Body…

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“This product provides a simple, natural, and highly effective way to detoxify the body. I have seen phenomenal broad spectrum results in my practice in the first few weeks of providing this product to my patients.”

“Being in practice for over twenty years and prior to that being a professional athlete, I’ve always studied nutrition and the thing I’ve seen most is, remarkable changes (when) we’ve done detoxing. We see people from all over the world with health care problems and very unusual toxic problems and the results that we’re getting with the (liquid zeolite) is just shocking.

Two leukemia patients came back with their blood results negative, I’ve had numerous patients with autism where the children are cognitive again and the list just goes on and on. Numerous patients who had the detox and (were) terminal cancer patients with skin cancer they came back negative.

So, it’s detoxing the body it’s a nutrient it’s non-toxic and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really gotten me jazzed back up in my practice because one of the biggest things we’ve had to confront is the neurotoxins and the toxins in our environment – It’s really been tough for holistic practitioners. So, I feel that this product is something that is just going to change the world.

(When asked how long it takes to see results): It varies from patient to patient. If someone is very toxic, overweight, isn’t on the right type of diet, that is going to take a little longer. But, sometimes we’ll see it with patients, in the next day.”

Dr. Tom Zorich DC
Rocklin, CA

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