Detox This “Super Size Me” World

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I recently found the whole “Super Size Me” film on line and wanted to share it with you. This video is so America and one of the biggest reasons we all need to detox on a regular basis.

If you eat out, and especially if you eat fast food, you need to watch this film right now. We are feeding this junk to our babies, for crying out loud. So step back and think about if the consequences are worth the convenience.

Please click on the short video below and then watch the whole film by clicking on WATCH THE FILM below. You need to see this film. Your life , in this toxic world, depends on it. Don’t you need to start a DETOX TODAY?


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Chiropractor Talks – Detoxing Metals With Waiora NCD

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Dr. Dave Peltier tells how his daughter, Mishea, was completely cured of heavy metal poisoning with Waiora’s NCD or Natural Cellular Defense and by supplementing with EDN, Waiora’s liquid vitamin.

After hearing about the possibilities with these two products, Dr Peltier eagerly tried to get his daughter help from toxic poisoning that was sapping her health.
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Our Toxic World… What Can We Do?

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You need to watch this mind bending video about the Toxic World we live in. Really makes you think about what we need to do. Enjoy.

The Truth About Our Toxic World

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Man’s quest for bigger, better, faster, younger and more convenient comes at a significant price. The automobiles that shuttle us, the products we clean with, the appliances that keep us cool and the recreational vehicles that helps us relax pollute the environment.

And let’s not forget the toxins found in the air you breathe, the chemicals and fluoride found in the water you drink or the pesticides detected in many of the fruits, vegetables and meats you serve your family. Read more

Liquid Zeolite… is a 100% Safe and Non-Toxic Detox Agent

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“Liquid zeolite… is a 100% natural, safe and non-toxic oral detoxification and treatment agent with no side effects and no drug interactions. It offers patients a direct to consumer, non-prescription agent that can protect, detoxify, and treat viral illness and exposure to environmental pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides and household chemicals — common cancer-causing toxins that we get exposed to every day. At less than $40 a month, this product should be a part of everyone’s immune system enhancement and cancer protection program.

I take it, my family takes it and I’m recommending it to all my patients.”

“I think I may have stumbled on to a new use for liquid activated zeolite …as you may know I practice geriatrics and internal medicine. I recommend the zeolite to patients who are going to travel or are exposed to closed groups of people, like teachers or patients visiting family for the holidays.

I have a patient who flies on commercial airlines frequently and he has had a number of upper respiratory infections this year from this type of exposure. I told him to go on the zeolite to see if we could prevent this, and he also has had multiple episodes of kidney stones over the last 20 years. He has had to have lithotripsy {crushing of stone by sound waves} and ureterocystoscopies {going through the bladder up the tube to the kidney to remove a stone}.

He was told by his urologist that he had a stone wedged in the lower part of the kidney and he had cat scans and studies to prove this and to locate the stone. He was scheduled to have the stone removed, but he set this up to occur a couple weeks after starting the liquid activated zeolite. On the morning of surgery the urologist got an x-ray to confirm that the stone was still in the same place and guess what, it was gone. Now this patient has passed stones before and he knows it is like trying to pass a piece of broken glass, so he is sure that he did not pass this stone intact.

On a scientific basis, this seems to make sense to me because we know the the zeolite picks up positively charged particles and kidney stones are usually made up of debris wrapped in minerals {70% have calcium in them that is why you can see most stones on x ray}.

If this turns out to be a new use for the zeolite, I can’t even express what a medical find this would be.

For most people the only way to prevent kidney stones is to avoid calcium in their diet and that is not a good idea for bone strength. Also I know that kidney stones and infections are a common problem in small dogs and especially in cats. I obviously will be using liquid activated zeolite on any of my kidney stone patients, especially since there is no down side since it is 100% non toxic and safe.” *

Dr. Stephen Aiello, M.D.
Board Certified Internist and Geriatrician
Metro Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

An Ounce of Prevention Against Cancer

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“… the old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, takes on a new meaning with cancer. Where cures are seldom, an ounce of prevention is worth years of an otherwise shortened life — vs — a ton of ineffective and miserable treatment.

“Since most cancers are caused by toxins we either ingest or inhale, prevention means ridding our bodies of these toxins. I will be using liquid zeolite and I will be recommending this to every member of my family and every patient I see.”

Dr. Steven Trobiani, M.D.
Board Certified Neurologist
Northstar Neurological Clinic, Minneapolis, MN