We are a group of Waiora representatives committed to spreading the word about these life-changing products. As you can see from the testimonials from real Doctor’s across America, Zeolite is being hailed as almost a miracle drug, treating everything from warts to Autism.

Though Zeolite isn’t a drug, it’s properties and active ingredients are having the same profound effects today as they have been for more than 5000 years in Japanese history.

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The time is right and the opportunity is in front of you. With Waiora™, you can impact the quality of life for yourself and the lives of those around you with our amazing products. You can also own a business that can help you take control of your income and daily life.

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As a Waiora Distributor, you can start building your own business immediately. You can purchase products and resell them to your retail customers and participate in our compensation plan that provides you the means and flexibility to earn income through its three phases.

Getting started is simple. First, select an AdvantageShip! (optional) With Waiora’s AdvantageShip Program, you can receive products (for personal use and to resell) each month without placing another order.

Then, fill out the Distributor Agreement. The only requirement to become a Distributor is a $29.95 USD application fee (plus shipping and handling) that includes a Distributor Kit containing sales and business material to help you get started. *

Finally, give us your enrolling and sponsoring Distributor, submit your payment and that’s it! Once you sign up, you can expect your referring Distributor and Waiora to provide you with direction, education, guidance, encouragement and more, through a series of communication "touches" to be sure you are taking the right path to success.

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* A yearly renewal fee of $14.95 USD is required to maintain your Waiora Distributorship. The first renewal fee is due 12 months from sign-up date.