This New Agaricus Blazei Product has the Health Industry Buzzing!

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The Agaricus Blazei is a "NEW SUPER MUSHROOM".  This new mushroom is a blend of two types of Agaricus Blazei mushrooms. A patented 10-step process is used to make sure customers get only the most pure, organic product, which is 15 times more potent than any mushroom ever discovered.

It is thought to be "The Most Potent & Powerful Antioxidant in the Entire World." The exclusive rights to this absolutely amazing patented Agricus Blazei mushroom blend are patented. Each and every batch of the Agricus Blazei product must be DNA fingerprinted to match the original strand to ensure its potency and efficacy.

It was originally found near the Sao Paulo, Brazil area, where local natives were extremely healthy and almost disease free. Their longevity rate was incredibly high, with many people living to 100 years or more. The local people credited it to a mushroom that they ate regularly. The called it "The Mushroom of Life."

This rare mushroom is what we now know as the Agaricus Blazie Murill Mushroom. The Agaricus Blazei Murill was widely considered to be the most potent and powerful medicinal mushroom in the world , but scientists looking to improve the potency and value of the Agaricus recently had a huge breakthrough when this mushroom was crossbred with a particular strain of mushroom found growing in the vineyards of California.

The unique pairing of these two mushrooms was found to be "The Most Incredibly Potent Medicinal Mushroom in the World."

The active components of Agaricus Blazei are its polysaccharides, beta 1,3-glucan and beta1,6glucan. These beta glucans stimulate immune activity in the body, specifically the T-cell subsets. This Agraicus Blazei product contains a specific polysaccharide called beta glucan. The beta-D-glucan and the other polysaccharides specifically activate the immune system’s cells (such as macrophages, interferon, T cells and natural killer cells.)

These natural killer cells defend the body by responding as soon as a damaged cell appears. They defend the body while other immune cells are still gearing up to take action. They have a large array of related protein receptors, which acts as sort of a radar system for detecting cells which need to be destroyed.

These activation receptors sit on the natural killer cell surface ready for action. Everyone of us is aging and losing our immune suppressing qualities. Aging, combined with environmental toxins, chemicals in our air, food and water, disease and the everyday stress of a fast paced lifestyle is making all of us susceptible to an unhealthy and shortened life.

The Agaricus Blazei mushrooms are the ONLY nutritional dietary food supplements with an active ingredient, proven by research , to be an incredibly effective enhancing agent for the immune system. Research studies over the last 25 years have shown that the Agarigus Blazei stimulates the immune system and promotes natural mechanisms which battle infectious disease.

The polysaccharide contained in the Agarigus Blazei stimulates production of interferon and interleukin. The Agarigus Blazei has also turned out to be a very powerful antiviral agent, by preventing viruses from entering the body’s tissues. It also contains much higher levels of beta glucans than any other medicinal mushrooms.(Maitake, Shitake and Reishi)

Many people are looking for an effective allopathic treatment that can be easily tolerated and wholly helpful. Doctors who have the knowledge to help their patients with this Agricus Blazei product now have a tremendous advantage in helping them live a long and healthy life.

Healthy Aging Formula from Waiora Helped My Sore Knees

At 56 years old I am no longer a spring chicken, but I don’t think I am quite ready for the for the electric go-go at the super market quite yet.

A couple of years ago I had hyper extended my knee and found that walking was getting more and more painful. I went to a specialist and he gave me my options as to what he could do for me.

Not being one to want to go under the knife unless absolutely necessary, I guess I decided to just live with it like my parents had always done. About a year and a half ago I was introduced to the many products that Waiora has and I decided, after some research, to try their Healthy Aging Formula product.

Well, this is what I have to report: After about 14 days of use, I found the pain in my knee, which up to this point had only gotten worse, had subsided and I was once again able to walk up and down flights of stairs without the major pain that I had suffered before.

A little reading up on the product explained to me why it had worked so well. I found that nearly 50 years of research and 175 worldwide patents had gone into it’s creation.

The ingredients are impressive: (3 Beta-acetoxyandrost-5-7, 17-dione (3-BETA) and bioactive hyperimmune milk protein concentrate) These are some big ingredients, but in essence, what they do is replace key compounds that our bodies lose as we age.

By combining these compounds with a healthy diet and exercise, Healthy Aging Formula is able to help joint function and mobility, maintain lean muscle mass, enhance weight control and support a healthy heart and immune system.

Wow, all this from taking a regular dose of Healthy Aging Formula , and all I was after was to get rid of some of my knee pain.

Well, I will take the other benefits too. Thanks, Waiora!

Denis Foley