Detox This “Super Size Me” World

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I recently found the whole “Super Size Me” film on line and wanted to share it with you. This video is so America and one of the biggest reasons we all need to detox on a regular basis.

If you eat out, and especially if you eat fast food, you need to watch this film right now. We are feeding this junk to our babies, for crying out loud. So step back and think about if the consequences are worth the convenience.

Please click on the short video below and then watch the whole film by clicking on WATCH THE FILM below. You need to see this film. Your life , in this toxic world, depends on it. Don’t you need to start a DETOX TODAY?


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Why Is Pure Water So Important In This Toxic World

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One of the most important things to our health is water. But, water can be toxic and harmful in this toxic world we live in. We need to make sure we only use pure water and to back that up, we need to use a good detox method that is easy and reliable.

Our bodies need water to survive and we use water to process several functions in our bodies which are designed primarily to run on water and minerals. All the natural healing and cleansing systems in our body can only work properly with water. It has only been recently that the medical community has weighed in on how important water is to normal body function.

We are comprised of mostly water; over 70% of our bodies are water. To break it down even further our brains are over 75% water, blood 80%, and the human liver which is our main filter is 96% water.

Our nervous system which is responsible for sending the electrical signals to every cell in our body is really a system of miniscule waterways. A lack of water can lead to dehydration of the fluid inside our nerves or even lead to the nervous system being damaged from excessive chemicals and heavy metals due to their not being flushed out of the system. Many scientists and medical doctors now are in agreement that this condition can be the cause of some degenerative diseases and neurological disorders such as ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, and even Alzeimers which means they may be preventable just by drinking more pure water.

Knowing how important water is to the proper function of our body we should also realize that the purity of the water is essential as well. Our digestive system requires adequate water intake in order to properly digest our food as well as get the optimal nutrient absorption we need to be able to utilize the nutritional value of the foods we eat.

Water intake can also either positively or negatively affect our energy levels depending on whether or not we are properly hydrated, in fact it has been proven in clinical studies that even a 5% reduction in body fluids can cause as much as a 30% loss of energy and a 15% drop in body fluids leads to death.

If you are trying to lose weight the lack of proper hydration will actually derail your weight loss efforts. Our liver uses water to metabolize fat and turn it into useable energy so it is obvious that a lack of water will hamper its ability to do this. It isn’t going to hurt you. Increase your water intake to roughly 64 ounces a day and you will see the results for yourself plus you will have much higher energy levels.

Another huge issue for our bodies is detoxification. It may well be the most important factor in our long-term health. Water is the only way for our body to flush toxins from our system which is also a major key to preventing disease. We can’t avoid exposure to toxins in our world today but by taking in enough water we can help our bodies get rid of them.

The quality and purity of the water we drink is just as important as the amount. If water already contains chlorine and other chemicals‚ it has less of an ability to carry toxins out of our body. If we consume water that contains traces of synthetic chemicals‚ then we force our liver and kidneys to be the filter… ultimately damaging or destroying two of our most vital organs.

Everyone knows that the skin is the largest organ of the body, but few think about that when they step in the shower or take a bath. Our skin can absorb 10 times more toxins in one bath or shower than we can get from drinking water from the tap all day long.

It’s impossible to avoid toxins in this modern day world, but we can be conscious of what we put in our body and try to avoid as many as possible. By drinking pure water and detoxing on a regular basis, we can take huge strides toward a longer and healthier life. Every day you don’t detox is a step backwards.

Don’t you need liquid zeolite now?

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Are There Hidden Toxins Lurking In Your Home? Can Liquid Zeolite Help?

With the many modern advances in todays technology, researchers are able to more
accurately detect some of the many toxic industrial chemicals that are present in our bodies.
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What Do Amalgam Fillings Do To Your Health? Need Liquid Zeolite?

Here is a video that shows exactly what those silver or amalgam fillings in your mouth are doing to your body, and how Liquid  Zeolite can help.

You need to be aware of this and take action to get them removed safely now! Even after removal, the Mercury these fillings have been releasing into your body for years needs to come out.

Liquid Zeolite can help by capturing these heavy metals and safely removing them from your body. Do you need Liquid Zeolite ?

Our Toxic World… What Can We Do?

You need to watch this mind bending video about the Toxic World we live in. Really makes you think about what we need to do. Enjoy.

Toxicity and Air Pollution

The World Health Organization estimates that on a world wide basis 4.6 million people die each year from diseases directly caused by pollutants in the air.

In this country alone, expenditures on illnesses from outdoor air pollution alone costs 70,000 lives and as much as $55 billion.

So what is air pollution? By definition, "any alteration of the natural characteristics of the atmosphere by any biological, physical, or chemical substance".

With the air that we breath all around us and an estimated 1450 metric tons of man made pollution floating around in the atmosphere as I write this, isn’t it any wonder that we are going to breath some of this every day that we are exposed to the outside atmosphere?

Enter the toxicity part of the equation:

To put things in simple terms, man’s breathing system evolved at a time when pollutants were just dust and particles made from natural things burning. These pollutants for the most part where easily filtered out by the tiny hairs in our noses.

Today that has all changed.

We are breathing air that contains man made chemicals and pollutants . Substances that contain particles thousands of times smaller in size then anything our distant ancestors were breathing.

So what happens? Those particles go deep into our lungs when we breath.

Particles so small from man made solvents and other highly refined chemicals that they go right into the very system that our lungs provide for our bodies, putting oxygen into our blood streams. Yep, that’s  where these pollutants (at this point considered toxins) go, right into our blood and this adds to the stock pile of toxins and unwelcome visitors we have floating around in our bodies. A general name for this is: our "body’s burden".

In the next few entrees we will begin to cover what has to be done to try and rid the body of these unwelcome visitors.

The Truth About Our Toxic World

Man’s quest for bigger, better, faster, younger and more convenient comes at a significant price. The automobiles that shuttle us, the products we clean with, the appliances that keep us cool and the recreational vehicles that helps us relax pollute the environment.

And let’s not forget the toxins found in the air you breathe, the chemicals and fluoride found in the water you drink or the pesticides detected in many of the fruits, vegetables and meats you serve your family. Read more