Beware of the Powered Zeolites on the Market!

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Beware of powdered Zeolites! Zeolite is a natural mineral that needs to be mined just like any other mineral on this earth. Zeolite is ground up during the mining process, and since it is a naturally negatively charged mineral, it bonds with heavy metals, toxins, and harmful substances in nature which are positively charged. That is what it’s supposed to do.

This powered zeolite is not micronized. This means that it is not ground small enough to be absorbed on a cellular level. It may go through your digestive system, but trust me, you have toxins on a cellular level every where in your body. Our liquid zeolite is all less than 5 microns in size, which means it can be absorbed into all the cells in your body and then capture and remove the toxins safely and painlessly.

Zeolite is like a sponge attracting water. When the sponge is full of water, it can’t absorb any more water and the water it has absorbed might not be good to use anymore. It’s full of contaminated water.

If the Zeolite structure is not properly cleaned, it can’t absorb any more metals, toxins and harmful elements. So, you can potentially be ingesting even more of these toxins into your body with the powered zeolite. That is not what you want!

Our liquid zeolite is the only pure, cleansed, micronized and activated Liquid Zeolite in the world! Don’t you need to detox with zeolite today?

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