Autistic Children Getting Help With Liquid Zeolite

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"There have been two major transforming events in my professional career. One is when I decided to change to homeopathy and that was in 1992 and I discovered a whole new world of healing. And I would have to say the same event occurred in late 2005 when I was introduced to liquid activated zeolite with my partner’s (Elizabeth Webb) mother’s story. One of my primary focuses in my practice is helping autistic children and children who are developmentally impaired and that is primarily a disease of toxicity.

Usually we treat that with nutritional support and traditional chelators. The introduction of liquid activated zeolite into my practice has radically transformed the outcome of many of these cases and also my whole level of enthusiasm and excitement in treating these children and being able to offer the parents a highly effective detoxifying agent that has such an incredible safety profile.

It has truly surpassed all my expectations. It is just a magnificent tool in this particular setting and in many other settings. This is not about treating a particular condition.

In fact I think it’s very wrong to think of liquid zeolite as being applied to any particular disease. It is a spectacularly effective detoxification agent and has usefulness in virtually every chronic disease .

I believe toxicity plays a part in the pathology of practically every chronic disease and to that extent, liquid zeolite can be a marvelous tool in helping people recover. In conditions where toxicity is primarily the concerns like developmental issues, it is spectacularly effective .

There was a follow up that I saw this morning, a four year old boy who I began working with at the beginning of February, and at that time he was still in diapers, was totally non-communicative, was grinding his teeth and temper-tantruming on an extremely regular basis.

I started him on some nutrients and liquid zeolite and within three days of starting the liquid zeolite, he was potty trained. Which completely blew his parents away, and me as well.

Over the next six weeks his speech literally exploded, his spontaneous emotional expression exploded, he came into my office today asking a whole raft of different questions, including “why’s”. He wanted to know “why this, why that” all of which indicates normal cognitive function was really starting up in him.

His temperament was vastly improved, his teeth grinding had completely resolved. His appetite and digestion had improved, it was just a truly spectacular response. Not every child responds in that spectacular a way, but certainly there’s an across-the-board response to this product in that group of children that I haven’t ever seen with any other single product.

I have another lady that I followed up with this week who was diagnosed six weeks ago with metastatic pancreatic carcinoma and it was involved in her spine, in her lymph nodes and her liver.

When she came in six weeks ago she was feeling very run down, and had a tremendous amount of back pain which is a characteristic and ominous sign of pancreatic cancer .

One month later she walked into my office full of energy. Her complexion looked great, her energy and mood was great and she had no back pain. Now, her story is certainly not over, but nonetheless there’s pretty convincing clinical evidence that her condition has improved tremendously and the only thing that she has been doing in that month is taking liquid zeolite.

So there’s two follow-ups I had this week that were both pretty impressive and powerful testimonies to the incredible ability this product has to pull toxins out of the body , and allow the natural healing mechanisms to operate fully and freely and the results speak for themselves .

With typical chelators, you simply do not see the quality of the response that I’ve been seeing with liquid zeolite. These kids seem to respond much more quickly and much more fully than with traditional chelating agents. It’s really a pleasure to use and it’s almost a delight to have a new child come in because I know that I have something that’s truly going to help this child in all likelihood. Previously there were things I could do and things that would help the children, but nothing to this extent. I would say that it is the most powerful tool that I have in my clinical arsenal to help this group of children.

At this point, I cannot think of a single child (out of 40) that I have used the liquid zeolite with, who has not responded to some degree.

This latest generation of children is probably the sickest generation of children in American history . The number of allergies, the incidence of asthma, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, developmental issues and chronic conditions of every sort has literally mushroomed in this last generation. When you see this type of global, multi-faceted deterioration in the level of health in an entire generation – 30% of these children are on some kind of chronic medication – that is clearly an indication of tremendous environmental toxicity that’s impacted these children tremendously.

Liquid Zeolite is probably the single most effective agent that can favorably influence every single one of these conditions . This product is probably the single most valuable tool that a physician or a parent can use to help recover the health of their children .

I understand that that’s a very big statement to say, and I’m certainly not saying it glibly.

I truly believe that this product is a godsend and something that is vitally necessary for us to start recovering our health.

Systemic toxicity is probably responsible for 90% or more of all of the illnesses that doctors see in their offices every single day. There’s not a person on this planet who does not have some kind of ailment that is the result of some kind of toxicity.

Every single human being on this planet would benefit from taking liquid zeolite. I have not the slightest doubt about that and every condition that you could possibly mention in my opinion would benefit to some degree from reducing the toxic burden."

Dr. Peter Prociuk, M.D.
Homeopathic Physician


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